How to Improve Your Personal Productivity?

Here are some lessons from a seven-part series on personal productivity by Bob Pozen in HBR. He is chairman emeritus of MFS Investment Management and a senior lecturer at Harvard Business School.

You Do Good When You Ask

Asking people to do something is not easy for me. I often rather do it myself than that I ask people. That is in private like this but also at work. That is not very good for a manager of course who needs to delegate and ask people to do things.


The problem is that it feels if I ask people to do something for me… even when it is for the company or another greater goal. The mistake I make is that I identify with the goal. Asking someone to do something to get closer to the common goal becomes then asking to do something for me.


The self-improvement corner and search for purpose

Besides work, study and family & social, I spend time on my self-improvement. This includes both physical as mental exercising. Do I need to be so much improved you could ask? Compared to the average out there maybe not, but I do think that there is a lot of space for improvement.


It is also one of the aspects that came out of StrengthsFinder; my internal drive to look for continuous improvements in myself. So’ I can’t help it and I like to spend time on this.