Crazy Ideas for Obama’s Speech to Fix the Economy: Spend it or be taxed

Crazy ideas for Obama's speech on the economy and jobs

We need crazy ideas to get out of this mess. Share yours as well.


How You Can Create 9.5 Million US Jobs and Save the US Economy

Create 9.5 million US jobs and save the US economy

Here is an easy solution to create many US Jobs and save the US economy.

The main problem that companies and employers have in the US is that there is too little demand for their products.

Is Ben Bernanke the New Chairman of China’s Exchange Rate Policy?

The US and the World want China to increase the value of its currency. China does not want to do that now. And China is too powerful now to be told what to do. But maybe the chairman of the US Federal Reserve has now more impact on China’s exchange rate policy than any other person in the world.


The US Federal Reserve introduces QE2 (Quantitative Easing number 2). It is QE2 because there was a QE1 before. Now, QE3 could be an option.


Where Are the Losers of This Successful GM IPO?

GM is a hallmark of the US industry and economy. It is one of the biggest companies. Many people probably thought that they had invested their savings in a good way by buying stock or bonds of this company. How wrong could you be by investing in an American icon?


GM has now the 2nd biggest IPO in the US history. But GM was also that company that went bankrupt, or whatever term was used a while ago. Didn’t a lot of people lose a lot of money then? Didn’t people lose their savings? How would they feel now?


Why I Study the important questions of the Economy

Work is only one of my four major activity categories at this moment.
The other ones are family & social, study and self-development. I want to tell you now a little more about the study component of my current life.