Your Core Values

How many emails do you get every day from internet marketers? I probably get 5 to 10 or so. I subscribe regularly to these email lists. Why? Most of the emails go straight into the trash, but you know: these guys and girls live from hooking you first on free content and sometimes they give you actually something valuable. So  I got an email on Core Values.


Mails like this are only useful when they land on vertile ground. My ground was vertile since I had noted it as an action for myself to list my core values, believes, principles etcetera. The mail I got was the trigger I needed to start this and spend half an hour on this action.


The email linked to a page with the video of this internet marketer Anik Signal. Here is the link:

Anik's Core Values Video

If you do not mind to get lots of these internet marketing emails, I can recommend to subscribe to a list like this. This guy actually knows what he is talking about.


My core values as I have identified them at this moment are:


My Core Values

  • Take care of my family
  • Learn and create understanding
  • Be the best I can be
  • Respect others
  • Be productive
  • Help others and contribute to the greater good with my unique talents



These may change over time, but this is what I like at this moment.

What are your Core Values?