You Do Good When You Ask

Asking people to do something is not easy for me. I often rather do it myself than that I ask people. That is in private like this but also at work. That is not very good for a manager of course who needs to delegate and ask people to do things.


The problem is that it feels if I ask people to do something for me… even when it is for the company or another greater goal. The mistake I make is that I identify with the goal. Asking someone to do something to get closer to the common goal becomes then asking to do something for me.


I shall learn to put the goal out there, not keep it “within” me. I shall not ask for me, but for the goal.


It is not a Zero-Sum-Game


Furthermore, I realize now that I am sometimes trapped in the zero-sum-game paradigm. I realize that it is now a zero-sum game. When I ask, I do not take anything away from people. When I ask someone something, I actually give them something.


When you ask, you give someone a chance, an opportunity to contribute and to do something. By asking them to do something, you do them a favor.


Asking is giving.


Ask for the common goal, not for yourself.