Will EU Pay Greek Military to Grab Power

Will Greek Military Grab Power and be Paid by EU

Will Greece be the first EU and Euro country where the democracy is ended by the military? That is “far-fetched”, you may think, but is it?

Imagine the following.

No Democratic Solution

Do you expect that the to-be-elected politicians in Greece will come to an agreement on how to run the Greek economy? They would have to sell to their population a package of growth stimulus and draconian economic reforms.

Think about making people to retire for example 13 years later than planned; not with 57 but at an age of 70. Think about that most people will have to give up say 25% or more of their income.

Think about all the laws that need to be changed to reform the labor market in favor of corporations and with fewer rights and perks for the workers.

Who would be the super politicians who can “sell” and implement this?

Widespread Chaos

What happens when 50% of the youth is unemployed? What happens when a large part of the population lives in poverty and sees no way out to a better future. What happens when a population feels marginalized by their neighbors?

Suppose that Greece will default on its debts. Suppose that the Greek state does not get any loans anymore. Suppose that the rest of the world does not have a clear counterpart or government in Greece to make agreements with. Suppose that millions of employees of the state do not get paid anymore.

Is it too far-fetched to think that chaos, wide-spread civil unrest, riots and an almost complete collapse of a society may occur? Do you recognize the risk that populist leaders (think Hitler or Mussolini) grab power with nationalistic ideas and instilling hate towards those they believe they can blame?

Military Steps In

Imagine that you are this Greek general who has sworn to protect its country. These generals see their country fall into chaos. Lives are lost. The politicians do not show any way out. The population is suffering.

What would you do when you are the general? Watch your country slide a steep and very slippery slope? Or would you take action? The military all over the world has taken the decision before to step in and “rescue” their country. But when Greece is bankrupt, the Greek military won’t have any money either. How can they pay their soldiers?

Thus is it too far-fetched that these Greek generals fly to Brussels, Paris and Berlin to make a deal? In return for financial support, they would pacify the situation in Greece and provide stable government. They will discuss shortly the option that NATO will provide troops to assist them. But since nobody thinks it is a good idea to have German soldiers on Greek streets, they agree to limit to material and financial support.

Democracy Has to Wait 10 Years

Getting the Greek economy back on track could take a decade. This will be a decade of tough decisions on how to change the economy and laws. Imagine the newspaper headlines in 2022.

“After a decade of military rule, Greece has its first free elections again”

This is of course all speculative. Nobody wishes this will turn into reality. Let’s hope alternatives are found; and not just for Greece’ sake. How this plays itself out defines the future as well for Spain, Italy, Portugal and the rest of Europe and the world.

The democratic experiment started over 2000 years ago in Greece. Let Greece show the rest of the world now how democracy can survive this challenge to its status as being the preferred way of government.