Why Pia had to leave Idols?

Pia leaving IdolPia is no more. Idols lost its star. It lost one of its major attractions. There is outrage. There is unbelief. I will miss here next week and the weeks to come. But what happened and why?

Simple! Pia got the lowest number of votes. Yes, of course, but why? Critics, experts, judges and most people (in any case the men), thought she is fabulous. What a voice. What a star. She is going to win. She is the one to beat…

See the unbelief on the faces of the other contestants. Stefano had no hope himself. It is him or Pia. Even he could make that choice with his eyes closed.







Nobody else to blame

Thus we are not talking quality here. There is something else. It is also not possible to blame Arabs, the French or the Chinese for this calamity that happens to the US. Many people outside the US watch and love Idols, but they cannot vote due to time difference or SMS restrictions.

Thus we are seeing here a domestic US thing. Thus apparently, US people who love Pia do not vote. Or in any case, they are less inclined to vote than those who love Stefano, Lauren or Scotty. Why is that?

Do they believe that quality wins by itself? Do they think that their vote does not count? Do they take time to vent their disbelief afterwards but they do not take the effort to vote for what they value?

Take a lesson here. Every democratic country gets the government and idols its majority deserves.


What do you think and did you vote?