Why leaving a well paid job for an uncertain future

What are you doing or what are you doing for work? It sounds like an easy question. But I find it quite hard to answer at this moment. It is not the case that I do not do any work currently. I probably work harder and more than most people with a regular paid job. The thing is that I do not have a regular paid employment, running business. And I am neither following an official education course or MBA or so.


About 8 months ago, I left my last employment. It is almost a year ago that I gave my boss my 3 months notice. The last 3 months in my job I did it well and handed it over to my successor. I wanted to leave in a good way, having most urgent issues in the business addresses and solved as far as possible.


So now I am not employed any more. Why did I leave my job if now after 8 months I still have difficulties to answer the question on what I am doing? I left the job because I felt, and still think so, that it did not bring me any further anymore. The only thing it brought me at that time was cash; and that was also less than before. That is was less is not that important. The importance is that it was just cash and that it wasn’t a sustainable situation.


I could have done that job for another year or so, or maybe even longer, but I did not enjoy it anymore; too much time in the car every day for the home-work commute; too little to learn on the job; and no social life at work due to language difficulties.


To explain the last point I probably have to tell that I was working in China and that most of my staff was Chinese who do not speak English. That is not their fault. I was in China and I did not speak Chinese. Working with a translator is fine (but not ideal) for business conversations, but it is not the way for sincere social talk.


But the main point for leaving a well paid job was that I did not feel that it was bringing me any closer to what I really wanted from life. It felt that I was just passing time. And since I want to get the maximum out of this life and not looking back at the end with regrets of “I wish I had done this and this in my life...” just passing time did not feel like a good option.


The problem was that I did not have very clear yet what I wanted to do. Now after 8 months I have it more clearly and looking back I can say that even if I could not formulate it well then, the rough outline of what I want was already in my mind. Maybe it was not that well formulated, but the direction of the intention was there.


The two directions that I was looking for was for one to create a business that would provide my family and me with a sustainable revenue income stream from which we could live well and that would take eventually little of my time so that I would have time for other things. And for two, these others things then would be to spend my time in such a way that I utilize my unique talents, whatever they may be, to do some good for humanity and the world.


Having the job did not bring me further into these two directions. While working for a boss I could not spend my time and energy on developing my own businesses and revenue income streams. And while not being able to free up time from work I could not start spending time on whatever I would like to do to serve the world.


An issue was that I didn’t know how I wanted to serve the world yet. But just staying in the position did not feel like moving forward enough. The thinking and preparing for what I could do after I would have left the job was done as far as I could. There was no new business yet to manage but there were ideas how I could start on the internet doing something.


There were of course also financial considerations and drastic moves like this (it involved moving to another country as well) have to be discussed and agreed within the family beforehand. So far I am happy with the decisions taken even though I still have to find a simple and clear answer to the question on what I am doing now. This answer is there somewhere in my mind, I just haven’t found the right words for it yet.


More on this another time...