Why I Study the important questions of the Economy

Work is only one of my four major activity categories at this moment.
The other ones are family & social, study and self-development. I want to tell you now a little more about the study component of my current life.


Study here does not stand for following a formal education. To me it means now just reading books and finding answers to questions that come up. The subject that I am drawn to is the Economy. I read about a book per week on it; or maybe one per two weeks. At this moment I have almost finished “Crisis Economics” from Nouriel Roubini. Before that it was one of Paul Krugman. In between I read other books, mainly on self-development. That is one of the other components.


Besides the reading, I occasionally take an economics question that comes up with me and I research it and formulate my understanding of it in a blog post on one of my other websites. That helps my understanding which I like. And I see that my articles are found by people searching in Google. But I get very little feedback on them. That is pity. Writing this now I realize that I should seek more actively for feedback. That is an action I shall take.


I do enjoy this research and getting an understanding of a topic to answer a question. The reading about economic that I am doing now is more in an exploration phase. I shall take this further now and go more in depth of it. Before doing that I want to know that this is really how to spend my time. Therefore, in the self-improvement corner of my activities I am still working on finding out what really interests me, what I am really good at, in what I like to be the best in the world and where I can find my purpose and help or serve the world.


These are no easy questions to answer. And I do not want to wait with doing anything till I have found definite answers to these questions. The question of course is if I will find these definite answers. For now, I know that I am drawn to the economy, how it enables people to make a living and how it can develop in a sustainable way. Just an idea that comes up now to see what the philosophy is around sustainable economic growth.


Thus, until I have discovered that I am more naturally drawn to something else, I study the economy. I will seek more feedback on the analysis I am doing and I will go deeper into it. Why? The main reason is that I like it. As long there are important questions to ask and answers to find, I will probably be interested in it.