When will I finally set my challenging goals?

There are two things that I have become aware of that I can do to make myself more successful. One is to set challenging goals for myself. The other one is to create a weekly activity schedule. Still I have not done either of them. Why not?


With all my sentence completion exercises and reading about self-improvement, these two factors always come up: setting challenging goals and creating and maintaining a weekly schedule. And still, I am not doing this.


Both are a way of working that can make one more successful. Both require some pro-active action to make life better afterwards. I know, but I do not act.


It is not that I do not know how to. I have set many goals in my life. In general this was for the business, the companies I was working for. I know how to set goals. I know how to write them in a SMART way; just can’t think so quickly what all the letters stand for. Let’s try anyhow: Specific, Measurable, Achievable? Realistic? Timely. I am not sure now about the “achievable” and “realistic”. They both have similar meanings and I miss something that refers to “challenging”. Anyhow, I know this stuff.


But I am not setting SMART goals for my private life and own business ventures. Why not? Maybe is it just because somewhere deep down there I think that it goes OK like now and I do not really need it. Or is it more that setting these goals would also mean that I could fail achieving them! It is probably more the latter one. Come on: tell myself to get over this fear and set those damn goals. I take now the action to set myself a time when I will do this. Tomorrow morning at 10.30 I will write down my goals. OK, done.


Schedule the Week

This latter approach also relates to the second approach that I know would help me very much and that I am still not doing. This is the weekly activity schedule. I got the idea, or maybe the confirmation of the idea, from the book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.


In summary, the concept is that you make clear to yourself what your priorities are and what you want to have achieved each week. You define the actions that would bring you structurally further and you plan in all these activities in a weekly schedule. You just state for yourself at the beginning of the week when you will do what. Another time I will go more in detail on this.


So I know that this is a great way of working. I can see the benefits of it. Why am I not doing it? I have done it once. One week, I made a schedule. I sticked to it and I felt good about it. Why not doing it again? Not sure. Maybe I feel that I do not really need it. Maybe I like the freedom to just do whatever comes up in my mind. Could be, but I realize that this is maybe not the most productive way to spend my time. On the other hand it means that when I get an idea I can work it out whenever I want.


Maybe a solution is to plan in the weekly schedule some time to work out new ideas. I think that I always have the tendency to plan everything too tight. Thus thinking about it, an approach that would work for me could be to make a weekly schedule but to fill it only for 50% with the most important and structural actions. The rest I’ll do on the fly.


So when will I start with this? Now it is Tuesday and mid next week I am going away for a week. Shall I postpone it till after I am back? See, this is a typical way for me to procrastinate actions that I think are important; here is what I will do. Thursday morning this week at 9 am, I will make a draft weekly schedule template that I can use for the week after, even when I have only a half week at home that week.


This seems like a plan. What you have read here is also the reason I started to write this blog. It helps me to focus my mind and take action.



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Yes, I set my goals this morning.

See here the wikipedia page on SMART goals: