Turn back Time to Drop Casey and Save Pia?

Jennifer’s face was an open book. The US public had spoken. Pia was to leave. A dream ended here.

 J Lo's hard decisons at American Idol





Week after week, city after city, Jennifer, Randy and Steven listened to some brilliance and lots of crap. Of course they are pocketing a handsome fee for this… but they do not need the money anymore.

You can see that they are sincere. They want to select the best. They want to make the best choices. This is not always easy. We all remember how Jennifer burst into tears after sending home the guy at the end of “Hollywood week” who was signing so beautiful for his wife. Of course Jennifer is an actress, but the pain was real (and of course the fact that she did not say it well and that she knew it is proof of the sincerity here).


The Best Idol May Not Win


But this dream of selecting the best talent to American Idol has been shattered now. The money has caught up. Idol is not about that the best may win. It is about those that bring in most money for the program.

Remember the moment that Casey was saved? That was great and emotional television. It sent the voting numbers the week after through the roof. Simon does not need to say anything anymore. He is still the producer and millions keep pouring in.

But now two weeks later, we the public may ask if we wished that the judges had saved their save for Pia. Eleven can go on tour now and that is important as well. We will miss Pia. The producers don’t care. The fans of the remaining contestants will do everything now to get as many votes for their idols. If Pia can end last, they are all at risk.


Does it bother you that the best may not win? Comment and share your thoughts.