The self-improvement corner and search for purpose

Besides work, study and family & social, I spend time on my self-improvement. This includes both physical as mental exercising. Do I need to be so much improved you could ask? Compared to the average out there maybe not, but I do think that there is a lot of space for improvement.


It is also one of the aspects that came out of StrengthsFinder; my internal drive to look for continuous improvements in myself. So’ I can’t help it and I like to spend time on this.


What I am doing in this self-improvement corner is changing over time. At this moment the critical components for me are the self-esteem sentence completion exercises, the search for purpose, the discovery of how I want to spend my time and starting to use weekly planning schedules.


The four corners of my activities are not all independent. They are interrelated. The work and study corners are dependent on what I find out about myself in the self-improvement corner. And the study and work experiences feedback into this self-improvement corner. The idea is that a picture will emerge that shows clearer and clearer how I want to spend my time and what I want to achieve.


The search for purpose is my most challenging task at this moment. Others may say that the work corner is most challenging since little money is coming in now from the ventures that I have started. But I see that as less relevant. With respect to “work” I can always move back to the corporate work and get a job again. Maybe not so easy but I have done that for 18 years so I suppose I will manage to get back in again.


But with purpose, I still do not see where I eventually will end up. I know that I want to do something with my unique talents for the greater good, but I do not know how or what. It could be that I am just thinking too big and have to try to find something closer by home. But I do not really like that thought. I think there is more I can do than something that affects only a small group of people. It could be close to home but I think that the impact is measured by the number of people it impacts and the positive size of the impact.


This uncertainty is not something that turns me off on it. Maybe my aiming to high is not for the impact but for the idea that I will get it all clear in one go. Probably I should just assume something for the time being based on my current insights. Take action from there and then just regularly review it to see if I am on the right path. That approach works in general with everything. OK, to work on this now.