My favorite podcasts for education and killing time

I really love listening to podcasts. I like music as well, but music is more something for me in the back ground. I hear it while I am doing something that I am focusing more on. When listening to podcasts, they are my main focus. I do this with my mind while my body is performing a routine task like exercising, ironing, waiting or driving a car in very familiar environments.


The video podcasts I just watch on my PC or when having to wait somewhere; not while driving.


Let me list here a number of my favorite podcasts in none particular order.


  • TED Talks: Daily there is this 15 to 20 minute video of a presentation that someone has given at a TED event on something they are passionate about: very inspiring; a very broad range of topics. Fantastic!
  • Fareed Zakaria GPS from CNN: Aired on CNN on Sunday, this program provides excellent panels and views and opinions on the economy and geopolitics. I love it and watch it weekly via iTunes. This broadens your understanding.
  • Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders from the Stanford Technology Ventures Program. Entrepreneurs with in general a lot or interesting experiences talk about their business and being an entrepreneur and answer questions of the Stanford students; inspiring and full of ideas.
  • HBR Idea Cast: Weekly interview by someone of the Harvard Business Review with someone who has published in HBR. A broad range of management topics is covered, generating good ideas.
  • Knowledge@Wharton Interviews. This podcast stopped in May 2010 or so but I am still catching up with some old episodes with interesting 10 to 20 minute business and management interviews.
  • Insead Knowledgecast-audio. Interviews by this European institute on business and management with professors and business leaders. Podcast is issued about once per week, but not very regular. The duration of each cast varies also between the 5 and 25 minutes.
  • Internet Business Mastery. This weekly or bi-weekly 45 minute podcast by Sterling and Jay on escaping the 9 to 5 and building a profitable internet business is inspiring and often full of useful information and tips. And it is a good show and fun to listing to.
  • Lullabot Drupal Podcast. Irregular monthly podcast from the Lullabot team that can last between the 1 and 2 hours and that give you a good update on what happens in the world of Drupal content management systems.
  • McKinsey on Finance. Monthly 10 to 20 minute podcast by McKinsey on the economy, capital markets and business.
  • Pimco Investment Outlook. Bill Gross reads monthly his investment outlook. It is not the most energetic 15 minutes out there but the thoughts in it are great input for every investor.
  • London School of Economics. These guys bring out great podcast from the lectures and presentations they organize with politicians, writers, academics etcetera. Each cast last for about one and half hours. This one often ends up in the file cabinet for when I have more time to spare.


There are a few other podcasts that I listen to occasionally, but this are the most important ones at this moment for me.


They provide me great information and inspiration and they kill my idle time in a fantastic way.