Introducing the Week Planner

Later today, or better at 8.30 this morning, I will make a template for my Week Schedule or my Week Planner. I like the term Planner more since it sounds if I am more active involved in it. A Schedule sounds more like something that comes from above.


Both viewpoints can be taken here, but it is my schedule and I am the one who is planning it. That is how active I am involved in it. On the other hand it is also something that I do from the higher level of myself. What I mean is that the Week Planner is the result of me taking a few steps back, have a look at how I want to spend my time and then create a schedule that the operational me can follow during the week.


Thus for the strategic, managerial me it is a planner. For the operational me it is a schedule. (This sounds all very schizophrenic and I do not think I am, but will check around.) Thus it is both. Since I am still the one in control I have settled on “Planner”.


As I have written in a previous post, the Week Planner idea came to me from the Stephen Covey book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. The idea resonated with me. It addressed how I thought about planning and scheduling.


Note that this book is much more than a regular “how to” management book. It has almost a philosophical and spiritual side while it stays very practical and down to earth. Even if you have read it a long time ago, I can recommend reading it again and seeing now what you can take from it and actually implement in your life.


Taking that action is not too easy. I have still on my “to do” list that I want to make a summary of this book. That is my way to focus on the most important messages in the book and to list the actions I can take from it. It is not my priority now. But what I do want to start with already for a while is to implement the Week Planner idea in my life.


Since I am less of a writer and expert than Mr. Covey on this topic, I ask you not to rely on my description here to come to a conclusion if the Week Planner idea is something for you. Read the book yourself to come to that conclusion. I will highlight here why I like it and what it means for me.


The idea behind the Week Planner is that a day is a too short time to make a decent planning of the activities that you want to do and a month is a too long time. The essential thing here is to plan the activities that you want to do. This is much more than is on your to do list for today.


The problem with the daily to do lists is that they are often driven by events from the outside that impose you to react and act. They push you in a problem solving mode. And at the end of the day, most problems are addresses and tomorrow it will be the same all over.


When working in that mode, you never get to the constructive actions. Those things that when you do them will have a lasting impact on the business and how you and the business will work. In summary it is to work less IN it but more ON it.


The Week Planner allows you to schedule time for the coming week when you will work on your priorities. These are the priorities that you set and that are not driven by some ad-hoc request or event that came up this morning.


A next time I will describe what the elements are in a Week Planner and how the template for it looks like.