I want to be the best in the world in…

Yesterday I had a kind of a breakthrough. It was not only that I moved forward in one of my corners, it also showed that the chosen approach, the method delivers results for me.


Two of the questions that have come up with me over the last months are regarding my fields of expertise and in what field I really want to develop.


Regarding the latter one, I have been pondering my mind with questions like “what is my passion”, “what is my purpose”, “how can I serve” and “how can I use my unique talents”. Last week I was listening to an old episode of the Stanford entrepreneurial podcasts that gave me a new way to ask myself this question.


In the podcast a story was told about a group of young surfers in Hawaii or so. They became each among the best in the world. The podcast explains how they did this. The thing that stuck me was that they had the passion for surfing and the desire to become the best in the world. Without this passion, they would never get there.


Thus I start asking myself in what do I want to become the best in the world. This is easier asked than answered, but it does make things clear. I decided to give the sentence completion exercise a try to answer the question.


Thus last week, I added two sentences to the normal sentences completion exercise that I am doing to improve my self-esteem further. In these exercises, you complete every day for a week a set of 4 or 5 beginnings of sentences with 6 to 10 endings each. It is a kind of brainstorm that takes you 10 minutes per day and focuses your mind for a week on these sentences.


Thus the sentence beginnings I added to those that I planned to do last week any how were “I want to be the best in the world in…” and “My field of expertise is...”. Yesterday I reviewed what I have been writing the whole week. There is a lot of duplication in it of course but you also see new elements and discoveries coming up every day. After some reviewing, her-formulating and summarizing, I have now a set of answers to these two sentences that I am happy with at this moment.


I also realize that maybe my current discovering won’t last and in the future I need to review this. But in any case now I have something to move forward with to describe myself and that gives direction for what I want to study further. Yippee!