How StrengthsFinder lead to writing this blog

OK, here we go. Today I start this new blog. The idea is the following. Five times a week I will spend half an hour to write. There is no clear plan. I am not sure what I will write about. And I am not sure what I can write in half an hour almost every day.

The objective is that it becomes a routine; something that I do automatically; something that I enjoy. And I think I will enjoy this. I do that now already.

Why would I do this? One reason is that I always already liked to write. The trigger to start now is the StrengthsFinder 2.0 book that I read. Together with the book is coming a Gallup online test to discover your strengths. Strengths is not really the good word here. It is more to discover your natural talents. I can recommend the book and test to anybody.

Anyway, when you do this test, you get as a result a personalized description of your top 5 talents. These are the talents those are most typical for you. You also get for each talent a list of actions that are potentially suitable for you. So, you review those actions and select the ones that sound good and suitable for you.

One of the actions I recognized for me was to write. It did not say to write what or how. But the action is to write. It is a way to get my ideas on the table; to get the ideas out of my head and to do something with it.

Another aspect that came out of this survey or test and that resonated with me is that I should do something towards others with my ideas and thoughts. Just to have them in my head or on paper somewhere for I didn’t sound that interesting. Thus, I thought to start this blog.

Maybe someone will read it maybe not. But if all that I am going to write just a file on my computer somewhere, definitely nothing is going to happen with it. So, it is better to publish it.

Maybe you have seen from my writing now already that English is not my native language. I still like to write in English. I think, communicate and work most of the day in English. It is even easier for me. Grammatically it is maybe not all perfect however.

I am also not going to edit the texts a lot. I just write and write and in the end use the Word spell check to take most errors out. After that I publish the text on the site. I just do not want to spend a lot of time on editing, making things look nicer, inserting links and all that type of things. The purpose and objective is to write and publish. My time is precious.

One of the things I see now already during this first post is that half an hour of time to write is maybe too long. The concept of this blog can change over time. Nothing is fixed. If I feel I need less time for it the better. Half an hour will be the maximum. Maybe I should set it up like 15 to 20 minutes writing, 5 minutes editing and 5 minutes publishing.

For the blog I used a website that I had anyhow: stepfact. I like the name. Not sure why. When thinking about it (and you will find out when reading this blog that I am thinking a lot), it is maybe that I like both words in it. I like facts and data. And I like steps or a step-by-step approach; to know what you are going to do to end up where you want to be.

This blog is then maybe an example of the opposite and I do not mind that either. It is not clear where this will end up. I think it is easiest for me to write over what I think and do. Personal development is a topic that I like. I think everybody has a need to grow in something. Some people count only their savings on their bank account and how they grow. I like also to look at how you can grow as a person as well.

Thus that will be a recurring topic. Furthermore I have of course my own experiences that I can write about. And then there are the thoughts and ideas that come up in my head or that I see on the internet or pick up in a podcast. I will probably share it when I like it.

Now we are at 15 to 20 minutes writing. I think it is enough for a first time. Maybe others posts will be longer or much shorter. We will see. I have enabled the comments blocks below. Comments and questions are always welcome. One of the things that came out of this StrengthsFinder thing was that I love to get and answer questions; and that I should communicate that clearly. So, any question is very welcome. I love to try to answer them.