The Formula for How You Can Become Passionate

What are you passionate about? If you have no problem with answering this question, this blog post is probably not for you.


If you do have a problem with answering that question, we are in the same boat. This could be a solution for you as well.


The alternative for looking for what you are passionate about is to look for what is important to you.


It seems that the number one lesson to be happy and fulfilled in life is to do something that you are passionate about. What study do you want to do? “Chose something you are passionate about.” What online business do you want to start? “Go for what you know and for what you are passionate.”


Interested and Passionate are not the same


Maybe you are like me. You are a balanced person and you like many things. You like to learn more about the topics that you are interested in. But passionate… that is something else than “interested”.


The thought that came to my mind is that you can look for something that is very important to you in case you cannot say so easily what you are very passionate about. When you are not so deeply passionate, you probably have things that would call very important to you.


You can make a list of the things that you think are very important. This list can be then your inspiration for what to study, how to spend your time, what purpose in life to seek or what type of business to start.


You do not need to be so passionate about something to get a fulfilled life. Start with what is important to you.


The Passion Formula


And here is coming a little known insight and hypothesis. Maybe it is like this that if you start spending time on what you think is important, you get passionate about it as well. Think about this:


Importance + Spend Time = Passion


Passion should not be a noun. It is a verb. It is something that you can practice. You can “to passion” something. That means you can spend time on something that is important to you.


“To passion or not to passion, that is the question.”


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