Feeling Good When You Pomodoro Instead Of Procrastinating

You feel better when you get things done that you want to do. This is nothing new but sometimes you realize it again. For me this happened after I started to use the Pomodoro technique for a week.


In the previous blog post I told about this technique. At that moment I just started to use it. Now after a week I realize a few benefits of using this approach that I didn’t see coming.


The first unexpected benefit is that I do the things that I like less, earlier than before. Do you have often this tendency as well to procrastinate on those activities that you do not really like to do? Often these tasks do not take so much time. But maybe nobody is pushing you for it or maybe you do not know how to start.


In any case, it is easy to just postpone them. Now when you make your Pomodoro planning, these tasks come up very easily as a good thing to do in 25 minutes. Because when you want to be productive, you do not allocate a 25 minute slot to an activity that is not that important and just nice or interesting to do. These activities you use to fill up the time that you have left at the end of a 25-minute slot after the main task for that slot has been completed.


Thus when making your Pomodoro planning, you list those main tasks that you want to get done. Those tasks that you were previously procrastinating appear now in this list. They get done at the beginning of their 25-minute time slot. They get done!


The second unexpected benefit of following this Pomodoro technique is about how you feel when you get the things done that you want to do. You feel good! Your to-do list gets shorter or in any case looks new and updated. Those smaller tasks do not bother you anymore since they are done and when new ones come up you have a mechanism to deal with them.


Thus altogether, this approach of slicing up your time in 25-minute slots works well. One way I do to make it even easier is to keep in my Mindmap a list of the frequently used topics for a 25-minute slot. What you can do then in the morning at the start of your day is to review this list together with your to-do items. And in this way you make a plan for what 25-minute topics are going to fill your day today.


Try this Pomodoro technique and share here your experiences or link to where you share your thoughts on this.