Everybody needs growth. What do I want to grow?

My daughter turned just five and got from her friends a sticker-book as a present. This sticker-book is a little book with plastic pages in which she can keep all her stickers. It is like a collection album. And she gets stickers everywhere. She gets them at school for a job well done. She gets them from her friends. I have to check that she sometimes give them away as well. But the point is here that she really enjoys collecting things and seeing that her collection grows.


And stickers are not the only collection that she wants to see grow. She collects My Little Pony’s and Pet-shop toys and Barbie’s as well. The reason I tell this here is that at five year old, she wants to see things grow. She is focused on collecting things and on seeing how her efforts measure up.


Everybody has this need to see things growing. I believe it is something deep inside us that we have that craving. If we do not see anything grow or develop, we are not happy. We are not status-quo people. We really want to see growth.


Children want to see how tall they are now. People count how much their wealth and savings have grown. I think that gardening is so popular because people see something grow in their backyard. People like to see their muscles grow. People want to measure their increase in skills. Why do you think golf is that popular?


In business, it is the same thing. Goals motivate people. At work, both management and staff like to see how their performance measures up and how they have grown to reach the objectives. Goals that point at something that does not require growth, do not stimulate, do not engage.


When you look at your own life, remember the times that you were least enthusiastic, least energetic. What objectives did you have in those times? What parameters or aspects in your life did you look at to see if they were growing, to see if they were developing? Probably, it is difficult now to think of any that you were focused on in those days.


You will get most energy when you see yourself grow in areas that you like very much or that you think are very important to you. They can be important for yourself as a person or for the world around you and therefore for to you as well.


If you feel stuck sometimes, not so happy, less energetic, a good question to ask and answer yourself is: What do I want to grow?