Answer these 7 Questions In Search Of Authenticity to Live With Integrity

How authentic are you? What defines you authenticity? How would you describe the authentic you? Living with integrity may start with being authentic. But how do you do that?


There are lots of questions here to start this blog post. And behold, not all of them will be answered here and now. I am struggling with this “authenticity” issue now for a while. It has been on my “to do” list to describe the authentic me. But I find that hard.


Let’s start with looking at why “being authentic” is something we are interested in. For me it comes from the quest for higher self esteem. One of the pillars of self esteem is to live with integrity. And to live with integrity means to me to live according to your own norms and values, to live in accordance with your authentic self.


Maybe we start with the definitions of ‘integrity” and “authenticity”. The synonyms for “integrity” by MS Word that I like most and that describe best the meaning for me are “honesty” and “truthfulness”. I would add to that “to yourself”. Thus “integrity” means to me “honesty to yourself” and “truthfulness to yourself”.


My preferred synonyms for “authentic” are “genuine” and “real”. When “authentic” refers to a person, we think about the “genuine self” or “real self”. Thus to live consciously with “truthfulness to yourself” you want to know “your real self”. How the heck do you do that?


Good, we have some simple definitions or descriptions to help us further. Now let’s move on to the next step. This is where I am struggling. How do you describe “your real self”? To do this, we need to break it down into easier chunks. We can start with answering the following questions:


  1. In what do you find deep and great satisfaction?
  2. For what do you have a great desire?
  3. What do you really appreciate?
  4. What experiences do you really enjoy?
  5. What are your preferred activities?
  6. What are your personal core values?
  7. What are your most essential ideas, ideals, believes and convictions?


By answering these questions for yourself, you get a good view on who you are.
This is the easy step. The hard one is to live your live in congruence with who you are.


What other questions have you answered or do you want to answer to discover the “authentic” you?