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100 million Facebook users who need productivity training

There must be at least 100 million people whose productivity is severely down due to Facebook. A whole group of students will get lower grades and their future is at stake. Many business professionals are lowering their productivity and put their future at stake as well. This is causing a division in society between those who can handle the distraction and those who can’t.


My favorite podcasts for education and killing time

I really love listening to podcasts. I like music as well, but music is more something for me in the back ground. I hear it while I am doing something that I am focusing more on. When listening to podcasts, they are my main focus. I do this with my mind while my body is performing a routine task like exercising, ironing, waiting or driving a car in very familiar environments.


The video podcasts I just watch on my PC or when having to wait somewhere; not while driving.


Podcasts and the best present since sliced bread to make idle time productive

A few years ago I bought my wife the best present ever. This is not really true because she hardly used it. It was maybe therefore also not the best present for her, but it was the best present for me.


I want to be the best in the world in…

Yesterday I had a kind of a breakthrough. It was not only that I moved forward in one of my corners, it also showed that the chosen approach, the method delivers results for me.


Two of the questions that have come up with me over the last months are regarding my fields of expertise and in what field I really want to develop.


The self-improvement corner and search for purpose

Besides work, study and family & social, I spend time on my self-improvement. This includes both physical as mental exercising. Do I need to be so much improved you could ask? Compared to the average out there maybe not, but I do think that there is a lot of space for improvement.


It is also one of the aspects that came out of StrengthsFinder; my internal drive to look for continuous improvements in myself. So’ I can’t help it and I like to spend time on this.


Why I Study the important questions of the Economy

Work is only one of my four major activity categories at this moment.
The other ones are family & social, study and self-development. I want to tell you now a little more about the study component of my current life.


Working from home versus the office: it is not just 3 months extra holiday

Today I will compare working from home versus working in an office. I have experience now with both so I am an expert in this field. This is what I think in any case.


For 18 years I’ve always worked for a company. My main work location was the office. There were occasional trips, travels and visits but the majority of the time was in the office. The time there was mainly spent behind the computer and in discussions with bosses, staff members, co-workers, suppliers or customers.


Is a Start-up Business without Revenues a Business?

Yesterday I wrote about leaving my job about eight months ago and still having difficulties to answer the question on what I am doing. Today I will try to explain and describe what I am doing. By writing it down now here it will also help me to create clarity and to find the right words to describe my situation. Writing things down or explaining something to someone else always helps to clear your mind.


Why leaving a well paid job for an uncertain future

What are you doing or what are you doing for work? It sounds like an easy question. But I find it quite hard to answer at this moment. It is not the case that I do not do any work currently. I probably work harder and more than most people with a regular paid job. The thing is that I do not have a regular paid employment, running business. And I am neither following an official education course or MBA or so.


Everybody needs growth. What do I want to grow?

My daughter turned just five and got from her friends a sticker-book as a present. This sticker-book is a little book with plastic pages in which she can keep all her stickers. It is like a collection album. And she gets stickers everywhere. She gets them at school for a job well done. She gets them from her friends. I have to check that she sometimes give them away as well. But the point is here that she really enjoys collecting things and seeing that her collection grows.