How StrengthsFinder lead to writing this blog

OK, here we go. Today I start this new blog. The idea is the following. Five times a week I will spend half an hour to write. There is no clear plan. I am not sure what I will write about. And I am not sure what I can write in half an hour almost every day.

The objective is that it becomes a routine; something that I do automatically; something that I enjoy. And I think I will enjoy this. I do that now already.

What is my service?

A long time I have been looking and thinking about what I am really about. Currently I am reading The 7 Habits of Effective People. It can be a life changing book I think.

A quote from the chapter on Habit 7. 'Service is the rent we pay to live on earth".

I realized that the appropriate question to ask myself is "What is my service?" What do I strive for every day and with what should my actions be in line?