Feeling Good When You Pomodoro Instead Of Procrastinating

You feel better when you get things done that you want to do. This is nothing new but sometimes you realize it again. For me this happened after I started to use the Pomodoro technique for a week.


In the previous blog post I told about this technique. At that moment I just started to use it. Now after a week I realize a few benefits of using this approach that I didn’t see coming.


Become More Productive with Pomodoro Time Management

Two weeks ago I attended Barcamp in Bangkok. This is a collaborative event from geeks, computer nerds and entrepreneurs who share their ideas and experiences. One of the presenters mentioned the Pomodoro technique for time management. I Googled it, learned about it, all for free of course, and started to use it this week. What is it?


Do You Also Struggle to Stick to Your Schedule After An Interruption?

Why is it so difficult to stick to a planning that you have made for yourself? You define your intentions and what you want to do. You set your goals. You create a time plan or schedule on when you will do what. And then something happens and before you know you do not follow the schedule anymore that you have set. Why?


Observe Your Emotions and Chose Your Reactions

You can kill many birds with the same stone (this is actually not a nice expression but you know what I mean). You do not have to take on many different actions. When you can address the “emotions” thing and choose your reactions, you make progress in many different areas.


Mortality Shows Up and Asks What You Want

Earlier this week we were on a short weekend holiday with the family; playing in the pool, having a cold beer at the beach and eating some nice food. During a lunch, my wife took a picture of me and my daughter. When I had a look at the picture, I got a shock. I saw my father and my daughter.


Your Core Values

How many emails do you get every day from internet marketers? I probably get 5 to 10 or so. I subscribe regularly to these email lists. Why? Most of the emails go straight into the trash, but you know: these guys and girls live from hooking you first on free content and sometimes they give you actually something valuable. So  I got an email on Core Values.


Introducing the Week Planner

Later today, or better at 8.30 this morning, I will make a template for my Week Schedule or my Week Planner. I like the term Planner more since it sounds if I am more active involved in it. A Schedule sounds more like something that comes from above.


When will I finally set my challenging goals?

There are two things that I have become aware of that I can do to make myself more successful. One is to set challenging goals for myself. The other one is to create a weekly activity schedule. Still I have not done either of them. Why not?


With all my sentence completion exercises and reading about self-improvement, these two factors always come up: setting challenging goals and creating and maintaining a weekly schedule. And still, I am not doing this.


100 million Facebook users who need productivity training

There must be at least 100 million people whose productivity is severely down due to Facebook. A whole group of students will get lower grades and their future is at stake. Many business professionals are lowering their productivity and put their future at stake as well. This is causing a division in society between those who can handle the distraction and those who can’t.


My favorite podcasts for education and killing time

I really love listening to podcasts. I like music as well, but music is more something for me in the back ground. I hear it while I am doing something that I am focusing more on. When listening to podcasts, they are my main focus. I do this with my mind while my body is performing a routine task like exercising, ironing, waiting or driving a car in very familiar environments.


The video podcasts I just watch on my PC or when having to wait somewhere; not while driving.