Will EU Pay Greek Military to Grab Power

Will Greek Military Grab Power and be Paid by EU

Will Greece be the first EU and Euro country where the democracy is ended by the military? That is “far-fetched”, you may think, but is it?

Imagine the following.

Crazy Ideas for Obama’s Speech to Fix the Economy: Spend it or be taxed

Crazy ideas for Obama's speech on the economy and jobs

We need crazy ideas to get out of this mess. Share yours as well.


How You Can Create 9.5 Million US Jobs and Save the US Economy

Create 9.5 million US jobs and save the US economy

Here is an easy solution to create many US Jobs and save the US economy.

The main problem that companies and employers have in the US is that there is too little demand for their products.

How to Improve Your Personal Productivity?

Here are some lessons from a seven-part series on personal productivity by Bob Pozen in HBR. He is chairman emeritus of MFS Investment Management and a senior lecturer at Harvard Business School.

You Do Good When You Ask

Asking people to do something is not easy for me. I often rather do it myself than that I ask people. That is in private like this but also at work. That is not very good for a manager of course who needs to delegate and ask people to do things.


The problem is that it feels if I ask people to do something for me… even when it is for the company or another greater goal. The mistake I make is that I identify with the goal. Asking someone to do something to get closer to the common goal becomes then asking to do something for me.


Is Ben Bernanke the New Chairman of China’s Exchange Rate Policy?

The US and the World want China to increase the value of its currency. China does not want to do that now. And China is too powerful now to be told what to do. But maybe the chairman of the US Federal Reserve has now more impact on China’s exchange rate policy than any other person in the world.


The US Federal Reserve introduces QE2 (Quantitative Easing number 2). It is QE2 because there was a QE1 before. Now, QE3 could be an option.


The Formula for How You Can Become Passionate

What are you passionate about? If you have no problem with answering this question, this blog post is probably not for you.


If you do have a problem with answering that question, we are in the same boat. This could be a solution for you as well.


The alternative for looking for what you are passionate about is to look for what is important to you.


Where Are the Losers of This Successful GM IPO?

GM is a hallmark of the US industry and economy. It is one of the biggest companies. Many people probably thought that they had invested their savings in a good way by buying stock or bonds of this company. How wrong could you be by investing in an American icon?


GM has now the 2nd biggest IPO in the US history. But GM was also that company that went bankrupt, or whatever term was used a while ago. Didn’t a lot of people lose a lot of money then? Didn’t people lose their savings? How would they feel now?


A Vision for Europe to Escape the Open Air Museum Scenario

What is the future for Europe in our fast evolving world? What will be the position of Europe from a geo-political and economic view by 2050? Being European from origin, I wonder how we will do economically in 40 years.


There are a number of developments here that make we worried about the future of Europe. Asians and Americans start to see Europe as a good place for an interesting holiday. That is OK if all the people who are living in this fantasy land have good quality of live, are happy and have the opportunities to develop.


Answer these 7 Questions In Search Of Authenticity to Live With Integrity

How authentic are you? What defines you authenticity? How would you describe the authentic you? Living with integrity may start with being authentic. But how do you do that?


There are lots of questions here to start this blog post. And behold, not all of them will be answered here and now. I am struggling with this “authenticity” issue now for a while. It has been on my “to do” list to describe the authentic me. But I find that hard.